Shingle Creek Then and Now

Shingle Creek has always been a favorite of the local crowd, an uninterrupted golf experience set inside a spacious and pristine native Florida landscape. While the course underwent a significant overhaul in 2016 to update aging infrastructure and improve playability, the landscape mosaic was preserved to maintain a strong connection between golf and nature.

What will you find at the Arnold Palmer Designed Shingle Creek? Nothing less than a completely redesigned golf course that puts strategy and variety at the center of the golf experience with design features that harken back to the golden age of golf course design.

Our design philosophy was to implement one critical feature on each hole that must be deftly negotiated to score well. In each of the following hole descriptions we’ve identified the most important feature, or TMIF, to help you get to the heart of the strategy of each golf hole.

Hole Descriptions for Shingle Creek Golf Club

Sample Scorecards

Shingle Creek Golf Club Sample Scorecard Front View

Shingle Creek Golf Club Sample Scorecard Back View

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