Shingle Creek Golf Club proudly partnered with the renowned Arnold Palmer Design Company to create a newly designed golf course at Rosen Shingle Creek, which will be completed later this Fall 2016. As a thank you for your patience, we are offering 25% off your greens fees for your first round of golf on this newly renovated course.

Please check back here for the latest updates on our grand reopening. You can also sign up for The Golf Club newsletter to receive updates and special offers.

We look forward to seeing you tee up on our new course later this Fall!

Looking to shave strokes off of your game? Our Brad Brewer Golf Academy is open for business and standing by to help perfect your game!

The Golf Club:
Pace of Play Policy

Shingle Creek Golf Club


Please be aware of our Shingle Creek Golf Club Pace of Play Policy

Shingle Creek Golf Club is committed to reasonable pace of play expectations for all guests. Here are some contributing factors to slow play.

  1. Not arriving at the facility on the time.
  2. Not arriving at the first tee on time.
  3. Not warming up or stretching properly before the round.
  4. Hitting ‘Mulligans’.
  5. Playing the wrong (difficult) tees.
  6. Searching for balls in hazards when there is no hope of retrieval.
  7. Parking carts in the wrong position around greens.
  8. Discussions about scoring at the green.
  9. “Honors” – let the short hitter hit first.
  10. Congregating in the fairways. Don’t watch your fellow competitors hit EVERY one of their shots.


After substantial research and in an effort to make rounds of golf enjoyable for all golfers, we employ the following policies…

  1. We require rounds to be played in 4 hours and 13 minutes or less.
  2. We will have staff members on the golf course monitoring all guests’ pace of play.
  3. Should you fall out of position during your round we will ask you to please improve your pace of play.
  4. We will ask you to pick up your pace a minimum of two times should you fall out of position.
  5. If any group does not return to an appropriate position on the golf course within a reasonable amount of time, we WILL ask you to skip a portion of the golf course to create that condition.


This policy is practiced with the intent of maintaining a reasonable pace of play for ALL guests. Please help us stop SLOW PLAY.

Thank you,

Dave Scott

Director of Golf

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